Future-Marketing 1 & 2 – my new book X-Mas 2014

I'm Roman Retzbach (futurist & investor in future-projects) and wish you all best. Merry X-Mas!

So give me please your adress, and I send the first 100 Persons one of my newest books.

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My Books 2014:
- Future-Marketing (Marketing of the Future, from RoBots to Aliens ...)
- "Perfect Future" (A Perfect Life, Perfect Products, The Perfect Society, Perfect Worlds ... )

Choose now one free E-Book:  Future-Marketing (English) Zukunftsmarketing (German)

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Trends 2014: “iiii” – ice Bucket Challenge, iphone 6, iSIS, international World Cup

Google Trends 2014:1. Robin Williams, 2. World Cup, 3. Ebola, 4. Malaysia Airlines, 5. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, 6. Flappy Bird, 7. Conchita Wurst, 8. ISIS, 9. Frozen, 10. Sochi Olympics

Best films of 2014: Boyhood & The Hobbit

“popular”: 1. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Transformers: Age of Extinction, …
“perfect”: 1. Boyhood, Birdman, Under the Skin, Grand Budapest Hotel,…

X-Mas’14: Get 100 Dollar free – from Secret Santa

Secret Santa
Secret Santa

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